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Squids and Cuttlefish

When autumn comes, the days get shorter, the sea cools down, it’s time to fish for cuttlefish and squid. Cuttlefish occur in large numbers in the Slovenian sea, they can also be successfully fished from the shore, but it is easier to cover different terrains and depths with a boat.

Fishing for cuttlefish I prefer to use spin fishing technique or so-called eging. Softer rods and thinner braids are used for this method of fishing for a better bait feel. Fishing for cuttlefish and squid is characterized by special baits called egi or Croatian ”pušča”. These lures are in various colors that mimic the main food of cuttlefish and squid – shrimp or smaller fish.

We like to fish for cuttlefish and squid because they are excellent in a variety of recipes. Personally, I prefer risottos and fried cuttlefish. You won’t believe it they taste way better and stronger as the fried patagonian squid in restaurants!

Cuttlefish and squid fishing: Autumn 2018