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Piper gurnard

Description of the fish: Piper gurnard or Gallinella are just a few of the names we find among fishermen to name this fish. Because there are many species in the Mediterranean, I have spotted three in our sea.

All, however, have in common the characteristics of a red and brown color, a hard flattened bony head, and a flat lower jaw. The first pectoral fins have been transformed into walkers with which they move along the bottom. The most obvious are the large light blue pectoral fins that extend beyond the fish’s body. The average size of caught hens in the Gulf of Trieste is between 200g and 500g, but it is not uncommon to catch fish around 1kg.

veliki krulec

Piper gurnard Behavior: Piper gurnard are ground fish, often moving in pairs and swimming long distances. They feed on various crustaceans and smaller fish.

Piper gurnard on ”leso”:

Fresh chicken is best prepared on a corpse. Clean the fish in salt water (or sea). Cook soup vegetables in shallow water on a stove in a baking dish or a wider pan. When the vegetables drop the juices into the water, place the fish in it and cover, setting the fire to simmer slowly. The cooking time depends on the size of the fish, ½ kg the fish will be cooked for about 15 minutes. When the chicken is served, place a cube of herb butter on top.